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Robert D. Hales

Friday, January 9, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Hello! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! We sure did. Here are some pictures of a day spent in the snow, as well as our Christmas holiday pictures. Enjoy!

Avery all bundled up to play in the snow. We had just moved and had a yard full of wonderful snow to build a snow man.

Jordan, Holly and Avery building Frosty. I'm sure our favorite famous snow man was happy to make an appearance at the Nelson home!

Avery? Are you having fun yet? He did help pat Frosty's snow to make sure he wouldn't fall apart.

All done! Look at the proud, smiling faces of the Frosty team.

Thank you Holly and Jordan and Avery for making our holidays that much more fun...and a day later....

To Idaho we go...to celebrate Christmas with the Smiths, Horrocks', Erskines and Mom Deschenes.

Merry Christmas!! Stacy's sister Mary Ellen had her baby the morning of Christmas Eve. So on Christmas Day all the adults had to keep all the kids occupied and away from the presents so that we could all wait for Mary Ellen and Chris to bring baby boy Eirnin Christian home. Once they got home, we dove right into the festivities. Why don't you take a look and see how much fun we had.

All the kids had fun playing with this...well...I don't know what it's called. But it's a pretty cool doo-dad. Drew said, "Hayden, put it on your head." So, he did. I got a picture and I love it!

Mom! She took a picture of Stacy while Stacy took a picture of her!

Hallie, Hayden and Valancy waiting to open presents...who is going to pass them and who gets to open the first one?

Avery and his very own digital camera. He has had a lot of fun taking his own pictures. Thank goodness when he drops it, it doesn't break and it is water proof. Fisher-Price is a genious.

What could this present be? Avery got lots of cool Dinosaur books from Santa! He likes to read them often and tries to pronounce the names of all the dinosaurs.

This is Avery just chillin' on the couch eating treats and enjoying watching everyone open their presents.

And last but not least! One of the best pictures over taken. Christy and Hallie showing off their amazing talent for sticking out their tongues and touching their chins! Silly Girls!

We had such a wonderful time in Rigby, Idaho and thank you to Mary Ellen and Chris for having us in their home. Especially with the craziness of having a baby at the same time. We love our family and we are glad that we could spend the holidays with them.


The Cluff Family said...

I love your new background! So glad you figured it out. I hear Avery has been talking about baby Genna...I wish we were there! Love you!