"The key to strengthening our families is having the Spirit of the Lord come into our homes. The goal of our families is to be on the strait and narrow path."
Robert D. Hales

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sorry, No pictures

Hi everyone!

It has been way too long since I have updated the blog. This time around I'm only able to update you on what is going on with us lately. Unfortunatly I don't have any new pictures to post. Although I do have news.

We are excited to announce (No, we aren't expecting a baby) that I (Stacy) will be attending Utah Valley University starting in January. At least that's the plan. I will be majoring in Creative writing.

It's a little scary to be going back to school after so many years. The last college coarse I took was in 2000 at Mesa Community College. I am really excited to be going back to school. I'm thankful that life finallly seems to be coming together.

In other news, Avery has grown big and strong. I can't tell you how tall he is for sure, but I'm about 4'5 and he is as tall as my rib cage, and he is only 4 years old. He likes to play with friends at the park. He loves going to the library to get different books all the time and he loves to be read too. He has become quite the bargainer. I ask him to do something, or offer him his meals and he always comes back with this..."Mommy, how's about I take one bite of chicken nugget and then eat all my apple sauce." Then I say, "Avery please take a few bites of each food." Then he comes back with, "How's about, how's about I do this. How's about I eat all my apple sauce and no chicken nuggets." Anyway, you get the picture. He should be a car salesman. "Excuse me sir, we would like to buy this car." then Avery would say, "How's about you buy two cars." He is very sly.

Ryan is as busy as always with school and work. He does a good job in balancing it all. School, work and family.

Ryan and I are so boring compared to our lil' munchkin. Anyway, hope you are all doing well. We love and miss you all.

-The Nelson Fam