"The key to strengthening our families is having the Spirit of the Lord come into our homes. The goal of our families is to be on the strait and narrow path."
Robert D. Hales

Friday, August 22, 2008

Celebrating 5 Years!!

Five years ago on August 22, 2003 we were married in Orem, Utah! Celebrating 5 years together was quite an occasion...

Ryan's parents took Avery last friday night so that we could go out to celebrate. It was Avery's very 1st night away from us, but we will get to that part later.

I planned a picnic dinner at the park for 2, which sadly enough is something we had never done together before. I made grilled chicken sandwhiches, baked beans, some fruit and chocolate cake for dinner. Our picnic at the park was AMAZING! The weather was perfect, cool with a slight breeze. It was a nice change from how hot it has been lately. When we were done eating we went to the dollar theater to see Iron Man. We had seen it before, and it was so good we wanted to see it again. Since we had some 20 min. before the show started we walked over to Costco and browsed all the cool stuff we couldn't possibly afford. It's always nice to dream though! Finally it was time to see Iron Man! And yes, it was as good the second time as it was the first time. When Iron Man was over, we opted to see The Incredible Hulk too! We got lucky they were both at the Dollar Theater. We hadn't seen Hulk before so that was really fun! When we finally left the theater we were exhausted, so we finally got home at about 11pm.

What was great about going to bed late was that we got to sleep in the next morning! With Avery spending the night at Nana's and Papa's we were able to do what ever our little hearts desired. It was nice to be Kid free for a while, but were sure missed our little monkey! But he had pleanty of fun of his own!

Anyway! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY RYAN! The last five years have been wonderful and adventurous! I look forward to the next 5, and the 5 after that, and after that. I Love You!

Weekend with Nana and Papa!

While Ryan and I were celebrating our 5th anniversary, Avery stayed with Nana and Papa Nelson. It was his first night away from home without mommy and daddy. Friday night stated with a big mooshy bang! Avery got to play with home made Play-Doh! Cookie cutters and all! He had so much fun with this.

Later Nana and Papa and Aunt Holly went to the Springville county Fair! They took Avery to the petting zoo! Avery's favorite part was that he got to count pigs...

and more pigs...

some Alpacas....

and even a cow or two!

Next Avery said that he wanted to go on some of the rides...so Aunt Holly took him on the Stawberry ride. Holly said that he liked turning the wheel inside the car, but that he hated spinning fast! She explained that you couldn't spin the wheel if he wanted to go slow. So they just sat there waiting to get out. I don't think Avery like that ride much...that's what they tell me anyway.

Then, Avery wanted to go on the little train ride. This is Papa getting him in the car and ready to go. Papa said that he was suprised that Avery didn't freak out when he walked away...then when the ride started Avery started to panic and want to get off right away! The man working the ride wouldn't stop it for Avery to get off even though he was the only kid on the ride! Go Figure!

Then it was home they went. Nana, Papa and Holly sang Avery fun songs on the in the car. He kept requesting...or should I say DEMANDING that they sing them over and over again. By the time they got home all three adults were exhausted and Avery was still asking for more songs.

This is Avery's bed. He and Nana and Papa camped out on the living room floor! What fun they had. They put the movie The Iron Giant in for Avery figuring he would fall asleep while watching...no such luck. He kept asking Holly "what's doing?" and Holly would sleepily replay with her eyes still closed, "He's walking." that answer seemed to suffice since Avery would let it go and then ask the same question minutes later.

Saturday morning every one woke up and they ate French Toast for breakfast. It's one of Avery's favorites and I'm sure he enjoyed it.

After breakfast Nana, Papa, Holly and Jordan took Avery to Cabella's. It's an outdoor sports store with lots and lots to look at! They had fun while running around and enjoying themselves.

Thank you to Marilee, Rich, Holly and Jordan for making Avery's time with them adventurous, fun and downright tiring. Avery had such a wonderful time that he ALWAYS wants to go to Nana and Papa's house. It really is his favorite place to be. Not only did you all keep Avery busy and happy, but you let Ryan and I have some time to ourselves which was really, really nice. Thanks again! And we love you all!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Breaking Dawn

On Friday August 31 at 10pm myself, Jen Free, Ryan's cousin Lauren and her cousin Emily headed to Borders bookstore for the Breaking Dawn By Stephanie Meyer Book release party. There were over 1600 people in attendance. We spend the first hour and a half walking around looking at different things they had to entertain us. finally at 11:30 the Borders employee's started lining us up in our groups...we were in the 201-400, in numerical order. Now all we had to do is wait.

Finally!! at about 12:30am it was our groups turn to get our books. The line twisted around the store. As well slowing moved through the store we could feel the anticipation mounting...and at about 12:50am we had our books in hand! People were screaming in excitment to go home and read this book. Fans of the Twilight Series have been waiting a year to get their hands on Breaking Dawn and finally it happened.

We were on our way home from the store and we could feel our fingers itching to open those first pages to dig right in. When I finally dropped Jen off at her house we both looked at the clock, it was 1:11am! Well at least were were home AN HOUR earlier than we had been last year when we got Eclipse! That is improvement.

I had decided whether I was going to start reading when I got home. I was so exhausted from the day, but my curiosity won out. I was up untill 3:15am reading when I finally tore myself away from this amazing story of a human girl and her vampire!

So today is monday and I have finally finished reading Breaking Dawn. It is by FAR my favorite book of the series with Twilight coming in a close second place. I have spend the last 3 days delved into this book like my life depended on it. I have lost sleep, I have gotten headaches of sleep deprivation, I have skipped doing the laundry, and all because I am a die hard fan of the series. So now after having such a great fantasy weekend I am getting back to real life! But I sure enjoyed this book! I would recomend it to anyone and everyone.

I can't get over how great this book was!
(And a special Thank You to Aisling for taking the pictures! I'm glad that you were there with us even though you didn't get a book right then. It was great meeting you!)