"The key to strengthening our families is having the Spirit of the Lord come into our homes. The goal of our families is to be on the strait and narrow path."
Robert D. Hales

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our Hot Summer Days

Without any central air in our 2 bedroom basement apartment it gets pretty hot. And because it gets pretty hot, Avery has learned how to strip down to his underwear. I was working on the computer and turned around to check on Avery and found him just hanging out in his underwear. Sometimes Ryan and I wish we could do the same. Unforunatly, for us, hanging out in our underwear wouldn't be so appropriate. Avery is so lucky he is a little kid.

For the first time after Avery's birthday he finally got out his Play-Doh. He was so excited to make things with dad.

We got the cookie cutters out and made some shapes. Avery's favorite was the white star he cut out. What a nice star Avery!

Finally they got out the yellow play-doh and decided to make a lot of different sized balls. Thanks to Dad keeping this organized they only got one color out at a time, so that the colors wouldn't get mixed together.

What a CHEESE! Kids get to an age where they WANT the picture to be taken. And after I take each one...he wants so see it and give his approval. Then he says, "do it adain mommy!"

Since it is getting so hot I finally broke down and was ready to give Avery another overdue haircut. He wanted it cut like Daddy's.

And here we go!!! Avery did surprisingly well. He usually books it when I get out the clippers.

Almost done...and he still looks happy.

TA-DA! We buzzed all of his beautiful hair off! And he loves it! Avery rubbs his head with his hand and tells me, "I yike this mommy!" He is all about "I yike" and "I no yike." He knows what he wants...which is a good AND a difficult thing. But in this case everything turned out well! Thank goodness!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A "Water Playground" Day

We had a fun filled day planned for Avery's 3rd Birthday! The first thing he asked for when he woke up was to go to the "wawa hayhown" which in translation means, "water playground." All day long we had to keep telling him, "later, we are going later today." With which he responded, "wanna dow wawa haydown." Imagine that with a nice long whine. Finally after his nap we got ready and were on our way.
We are so glad for the family and friends that could make it! We had a great time playing and visiting in the water. And more importantly, Avery had a great time! He asked to go again this morning...to which I said, "we just went yesterday! we'll go again some time soon." His face lit up and he said his famous replay, "oh ay mommy! wets dow!" What a cute kid!
Here are some pictures of our time at the Scera Parks Pool. Enjoy! We sure did.

Left to Right: Holly, Elizabeth, Marilee
Center: Brandon (Elizabeth's son)

Avery's cousin Hayden going down the kids slide.

Avery's cousin Hallie.

Avery's Aunt Christy (Stacy's sister in law/Drew's wife/Hayden, Hallie and Kiya's mom)

Avery's youngest cousin on Stacy's side, Kiya

Top Row left to right: Rich (Ryan's Dad), Mandy (Ryan's cousin) Holly (Ryan's sister)
Botton row: Avery, and the back of Jordan's Head (Ryan's brother)
Ryan and Avery.

Stacy and Jo.

Ryan and Avery

Stacy and Avery

Avery attempting to go down the kids slide. He decided against it at the last moment. But props to him for trying!

It's Party Time!

After the water festivities we headed back to our apartment to set up for the rest of Avery's Birthday fun. We ate lots of yummy pizza, fruit, veggies and then the yummy birthday cake.

This is the wonderful birthday cake/cupcakes Marilee made for Avery. Isn't it so cute! I was so impressed with her creativity.

Avery had a bite of watermelon, a bite of Pizza, and made a B-line for the cup cakes. The first one he snuck. Notice in the next picture that the "H" in Happy is missing!

This is Avery blowing out his 3 candles. Can you see the cupcake in his hand. He was well into his second helping when we sang to him. Chocolate all over his face! Gotta love him!

Finally we moved on to opening presents. This one is a set of Play Doh from Jo, Katie, Jack and Sam. Thanks again guys!

Here is Avery recieving an awesome dinasaur from Elizabeth and her kids. He has already named it, "GuGu." Whatever that means. He won't let me put it away.

And here are our friends Brad, Ashley and their new baby girl Sophie.
Again, we want to thank you all for coming. Avery is enjoying all of the toys and clothes he recieved. Thank you for celebrating our little boy with us. We love and appreciate you all.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Happy Father's Day to all those dads out there! Hope you had a good one! Here are some pics of Avery giving Ryan his Father's Day card. My boys! I love them!

Antique Show

My dear friend Jo invited me to an antique show in Salt Lake City. And though we saw so many cool things we didn't really KNOW what to take pictures of. So we took 1 silly picture each.
Stacy with a GIGANTIC Coca-Cola Bottle Cap.

Jo with these glasses on. Doesn't she look Awesome!

It's that time again...

...for a haircut! You think that because we have been cutting Avery's hair since he was about one and half months that he would be used to getting his hair cut. Boy was I wrong! Fortunatly for me, I have figured out that he will let me cut his hair any time I want as long as I don't use those loud and funky feeling Clippers. I'm barely able to use the mini-clippers to cut around his ears and neck line with out a really loud scream. He prefers a hair cut with strictly just scissors. So that is the way I do it. And we got lucky! He smiled for some pictures.

Before/Durring Haircut:

After Haircut: