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Robert D. Hales

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ode to the Breadman Plus

A few months back I was making a sandwhich for Avery. While spreading the peanut butter on the store bought bread, it started to crumble. How annoying!

I thought to myself, "I wish we could afford better bread!" The really good loaves of bread are over $4, the bread we usually buy are about .99 cents. So of course it's going to crumble when we toast it, or spread jam, peanut butter, honey...you name it, the cheap bread would crumble. We can't afford to spend $3-4 on one loaf of bread.

When our tax return came I had sworn to buy a bread maker! I made an oath to, "NEVER BUY A LOAF OF BREAD AGAIN!" If I could help it anyway!

So I went on line to research breadmakers, read customer reviews, looked at options on different machines and brands and finally made my decision! So off to Bed Bath and Beyond we went. They didn't carry in store the brand and model I wanted. So off to Target we went to find and buy a bread maker! They only had one in stock and it was twice as much as I wanted to pay. But, I couldn't bring myself to leave the store without it. With my resolve in place I forfeited something else I planned on buying in addition to the breadmaker, and just got the breadmaker! And I have NEVER regretted it! I love this thing! I make a loaf of bread every other day. The bread is really dense and heavy and delicious! My family loves the way it tastes! We love our yummy whole wheat bread! The Breadman Plus is so easy to use. You follow the instructions and recipies and put all the ingredients in and put the pale in the machine, select the type of bread your making on the machine menue and then push start! 3 hours and 35 minutes later my house smells like home made bread! Did I mention I love this thing? 'Cause I totally do!

If you are sick of buying expensive bread that isn't really all that good, but better than the cheap stuff. Get a bread maker! Any bread maker that suits your needs. What's great is that the bread maker does all the work for you. Sometimes I make banana bread in it! That is so yummy too!

Okay so I have praised long enough. Here are some pics! Before and After! If you ever want to try some of my home made bread, come over, my breadmaker will bake you some! :)

This is my bread maker in the flesh...well not "flesh," but you get what i'm saying!

That little circle of tan powder is the yeast...it kinda looks like an egg. But you don't put egg in this certain bread recipie.

Baked, sliced and beautiful! And OH SO TASTY!