"The key to strengthening our families is having the Spirit of the Lord come into our homes. The goal of our families is to be on the strait and narrow path."
Robert D. Hales

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Here we go!

Hi Y'all!

It has been a really long time since I've written a post on this family blog of ours. 3 years, actually.

Our lives have been down right crazy!
Let's just say there has been some MAJOR upsets and times when we thought we might not make it. But we survived and we are solid and a very happy family.

It's amazing how many blessings God has in store for us if we endure our trials and keep faith in His eternal plan. A perspective which is hard to grasp, I know.

Faith is a hope for the better. It is a comfort we all need to survive life. Whether you have faith in a god or in people, or in both. You have the makings to survive challenges that come your way.

I'm thankful for the love and loyalty that has been shown me and my family. I'm grateful for the blessings that come our way every day.

I'm grateful for a husband who truly sees me and accepts me for all my crazy. We've been through and seen so much together. He's my most valued friend and companion. If I had to go through out my life without him, I probably could. But I'm glad I don't want to or have to. :)

I'm grateful for a son that is kind, giving, forgiving and loyal. He brightens my days and the thought of seeing him again tomorrow warms my nights.

I'm oh so grateful for the other son that is soon to come. My Baby Boy Bundle of Joy, I like to call him. He's been long awaited and faithfully prayed for. After 6 years of losing hope and gaining it back again over and over, I can't wait to meet him. We all can't wait to meet him.

Life is a funny thing, isn't it? Well, maybe not funny, per say...All the time, anyway. But it is challenging in ways we never see coming. We wake up every day hopeful, or maybe not so hopeful of what is to come, and yet we survive it.

Our hardships are not over but we have love and family and friends to help us through. We have faith and hope to keep us going.

Yes, I know this post is sappy and emotional. But guess what? I'm pregnant! Goes with the territory! So deal! I'm sappy and emotional! I'm grateful and giddy!

And if you know me well enough...You love me for it! ;)